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Densetsu no Shojo Shrine

(FUSHIGI YUUGI) is an anime/manga series set in a world a bit like ancient China called the Universe of the Four Gods. This page is a shrine to one of the main characters of the series, Yuuki Miaka, and is not intended to be any kind of general FY information page. To find out lots more than this humble page can possibly offer, try Chichiri's incredible Open Onto Infinity... page, or for lots of other FY stuff Thea's Suzaku no Webpage.
(Now, onto MY page, muhahaha...)

Having gone through anipike and numerous other Fushigi Yuugi links, I found, much to my surprise that there were hardly any Miaka shrines. I find this extremely distressing; I know full well of some people's opinion of her but I think that with the massive following (mostly female I might add.. =P) of the various Seishi the poor Suzaku no Miko has been overlooked.

Something is amiss here... how could anybody possibly overlook such a kawaii, considerate, optimistic character? Perhaps people feel that since she has such a prominent role in the series the other Seishi deserve some attention. While I totally agree with this sentiment, I think things have gone a little over the top... it's hard not to find a site packed to the brim with Nuriko, Hotohori, Nakago etc pictures, shrines and their corresponding drooling mikos... (you know who you are! =P)

Well, today I decided that something must be done. Poor Miaka is probably feeling much neglected (ok ok, so she has 7 bishonen sworn to protect her with their lives ^_^;). So here it is, my Suzaku no Miko Shrine! ^_^
(Btw, "Densetsu no Shojo" is what Hotohori's advisors first call Miaka; meaning "Girl of the legend").
Miaka-chan: Wai, wai!! ^-^

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About Miaka

Of course, Miaka probably wouldn't last long without her Seishi, who each represent one constellation of Suzaku's quadrant in the night sky; the Red Bird of Summer. When she finds all seven Seishi, she is able to summon Suzaku and make any wish come true.

Suzaku no Seishi

Here are some links to some brilliant Fushigi Yuugi pages! I've collected a few good ones here, but if you want the complete selection your best choice is definitely Anipike, which has enough links for a lifetime of a busy otaku!
Unless you're like Shino, a good friend of mine who spends more time surfing anime pages than... well, anything else! (hypothesis: size of webpage is inversely proportional to time spent surfing other anime pages... ^_^)



My fanfic about Hotohori-sama. Only short, but please read it, tell me what you think! ^_^

My second fanfic, about Ashitare-uhhh...koinu? ^^;; Anyway, this one's a bit longer, and I like the way it turned out. It borrows some ideas from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time, which if you'll read you should spot immediately. ^_^

Fushigi Yuugi / Street Fighter 2 Crossover
A weird, weird idea I had... the title says it all really... the Suzaku shichi seishi take on the Street Fighter 2 cast! O_o (I wrote this really early in the morning...)

Wo ai ni - this is my tribute to the love theme in Fushigi Yuugi; Miaka and Tamahome's love is not an easy path for them yet they hold onto that love at all costs. Click the kanji to read more...

Fushigi Yuugi Song Lyrics - the lyrics for four of my favourite songs in Fushigi Yuugi. Hopefully I'll have the first OAV series lyrics up soon too. ^_^
Click here for lyrics
Miaka-chan: Hoshi-chan, you need to make some new Suzaku icons for my page!
Hoshi-chan: Ano? Ahh, Miaka, I'm busy with exams at the moment!
Miaka-chan: You'd better not get into Jonan! =p

The Fushigi Yuugi Quiz!!! - a crazy idea concocted by me and another FY fan when he held a quiz at AnimEigo. Javascript capable browser required (if you're using Netscape or IE, then you should be ok. Mine works and it's only NN 2.02. =P)
So, you think you know your FY?

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