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Fushigi Yuugi Links

There are many awesome FY sites on the web. Here are just some of the ones I think are truly outstanding. I may be biased here, but it seems to me that FY sites are usually the highest quality anime pages... perhaps the quality of the anime inspired the creators of these wonderful pages. Enjoy! ^_^

Cind-chan's Shrine to the Unwanted Seishi - a great site dedicated to Chiriko and Mitsukake, also with some really, REALLY good fanfics!

Thea's Suzaku no Webpage - an excellent FY site by Thea, who also runs the FYML!

"Open Onto Infinity..." Fushigi Yuugi Information - a great info page with lots of excellent manga related stuff.

Felicia's Fushigi Yuugi Page - an awesome site for character info. Don't miss it!

Fushigi Yuugi Image Archive - The ONLY Fushigi Yuugi image archive on the web, where I got this site's graphics! Fast loading time, well ordered and maintained, high quality and quantity of images make this site unbeatable! *pant*

Darkside's Tribute to Seiryuu Seishi Tomo - A friend of mine's excellent Tomo shrine! He's just started writing fanfics, so any of you 'fic fans might want to check it out. Kakakaka!

International Miaka Torture Chamber - Well, I *had* to put this site in since it is the antithesis of my site... =P Besides, it's damn funny! ^_^

Wo Ai Fushigi Yuugi - don't we all! ^_^ An excellent page with lots of information you won't find everywhere. ^_^

feeling: Fushigi Yuugi - another excellent FY page with more links than you can shake a stick at. A bit graphics intensive, so watch your modems for smoke. ^_~

The Anime Top Twenty - A Top Twenty of all anime, compiled by me, voted for by you! ^_^ It's here because Fushigi Yuugi is currently at number one. Eien Fushigi Yuugi!! ^_^

My Homepage - All sorts of stuff I've accumulated here. ^_^'

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