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Fushigi Yuugi Song Lyrics

Itoshii hito no tame ni (TV opening theme)
Tokimeki no dokasen (TV closing theme)
Wakatteita hazu (Hard love)
First OAV series opening
First OAV series closing

Itoshii Hito no Tame ni (For my darling - TV series opening theme)


Maiagare Suzaku miracle la...
Densetsu ga ugokidashite
Honto no watashi ga hirogaru
(Tooku hibiku wo ai ni)
Anata ni michi bikarete
(Mezomete yuku tomashii)
Hikari dasu mo hitotsu no sekai
Itoshii hito no tame ni
Ima nani ga dekirukana
Kanawanai yume wa naiyo
Massugu ni shinjiteru...
Donna toki datte ai wa...
Sukui dato omoukara
Mugu he to hirake, Fushigi Yuugi


Fly high Suzaku miracle lah
The legend has begun to move
The real me will bloom
(I love you, echoes from far away)
Guided by you...
(The spirit is awakening)
Another world begins to shine
For my darling
What can I do now?
There'll be no dreams that won't come true
One should believe completely...
Whenever love is the salvation.
Let's open to infinity, Fushigi Yuugi

Tokimeki no Doukasen (Fusion of palpitations - TV series closing theme)


Anata no namae, yondara sokode
Totsusen me sa sameso
Konna ni umaku ikikko nai,
Mata gusen aerunante.
Hitogomi no naka watashi to onaji,
Kami shita ko dake miteru
Kitto dareka a sagashiterunda,
Koi no aite kana.
Me ga atta shunkan,
Demo sore wa watashide
Uso you uso anata kakete kuru,
Tokimeki no dokasen ga
Karadaju o hashitteku
Barabara ni naranai yoni,
Shikkari shinakucha watashi.
Demo chotto kyo wa chotto,
Kimochi maigo no koneko
Yasashisa de semeraretara,
Tsuiteku shikanai kamone. "Nyaaao!"


If I call your name
I might wake up
I know that it's not easy
To find you by accident
In the clouds, just like me
You're only looking for someone
To be your future love
At the moment our eyes met,
That future love was me
A lie is a lie
You flowing towards me
Brings excitement through the interferences
That electric feeling, flowing through my body
Is stronger than I can handle
So I have to be strong
But, a little bit today
I feel like a wandering kitten
If you seduce me with your gentleness
I'll have to follow you. "MEOW!"

Wakatteita hazu (Hard love)


Lovers' laughing voices passing by
Makes my chest hurt.
Although it's stopped raining on this weekend afternoon,
I want to be near you
But instead I'm walking by myself in town.
It's painful, I should've known it would be.
Because if I love someone that much,
My pain will also be as great
I'll love you even if I can't see you
Under the circumstances.



If you try, you can accomplish anything
But, I'll work even harder to overcome things
And capture happiness for sure!
I can't go forward, feeling this way.
Yesterday's vexations I can't forget.
Going over and over it in my mind,
I can't get out of this maze.
If there's no exit,
I'll break one open.
In this life, the weak can't survive.
If there's resistance, I'll take it on!
Sometimes I'm a coward, and I want to cry
But I'll force myself,
Since that's not the way I want to be.
Forever, I'll smile... in the end...
In the end, I'll be smiling forever!

First OAV series opening


No-one can stop me, so accept my kiss...
I want to be sure of your love before daybreak.
We're only looking at the stars
That cover the blue night sky,
Although my heart is filled with burning
emotions stronger than I thought
If I can fulfill one desire
and make him understand my feelings...
No-one can stop me, so hold me tight...
Take my heart away before daybreak.

First OAV series closing


I open the door to start walking
Toward the world that leads to you
I have to grope for everything.
The future's unknown,
So it's rather exciting
I get rid of my anxiety over love.
Even if I'm fated to meet with someone
By fortunetelling or horoscope,
The distress the two of us feel
Is more important
I want to believe in myself tomorrow.
That's why I can keep hanging on
Hope will bring a miracle,
I won't forget my words.

Our hearts don't cross each other
Even if we stare or embrace
I'm almost giving in to irritation
I'll never turn back,
Even if I get hurt and stand still.
Excitement is my strong ally
I can probably brighten your night shadow,
But blame me when I behave selfishly
I want to love the you of tomorrow
That's why we're seeing each other.
Don't shurt the lid of Pandora's Box,
There must be hope in the end...

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